FilsonFan is Back with Tons of New Content in 2015!!!

Welcome back, everyone!
Over the last couple years, Filson has been very busy introducing a lot of new styles and fabrics to their classic line of travel and work bags.


For quite a long time, the choice were fairly easy…decide whether you wanted a 256 Original Briefcase or a 257 as your daily bag and then choose either a 220 Small Duffle or a 246 Medium Travel Bag for travel and you were all set.


But now…the choices are almost overwhelming. We have great new fabric options, including 15 oz Oil-finished Tin Cloth and the new Lightweight Nylon collection, as well as a bunch of new styles, like the 72-hour Briefcase, the new Outfitter Bag and the redesigned Sportsman.


As I have been researching all the new offerings, I am starting to notice how difficult it is to find reviews of all this new gear. So, here is the deal…I am back to help provide you guys some needed clarity when choosing the next Filson bag(s) to add to your growing collections.
Filson 220 vs Filson 70314

Filson 220 vs Filson 70314

This month, I will be posting a comprehensive review of the new Lightweight Nylon Duffle (#70314) in the “Duffle Bag Showdown,” in which I will be comparing it to the classic 220 Rugged Twill Duffle.


Stay tuned in the coming months for the following reviews and comparison tests:
  • 72-Hour Briefcase (Tin Cloth) – – The Perfect Briefcase?
  • Briefcase Showdown II (256 Original vs 72-Hour Tin)
  • The Journeyman Backpack Review
  • Cloth Showdown – – Twill vs. Tin vs. Lightweight Nylon
  • Reinventing an Icon Lightweight Nylon (Duffles)
  • Strap Showdown – – Bridle Leather vs New Nylon
  • How to Properly Break In a Leather Strap and Shoulder Pad
  • The Magnum Photography Collaboration (Harvey Line)
As you can see, we have some exciting stuff planned and I look forward to reading your comments and answering your questions!


Thanks for visiting FilsonFan!


  1. Bby

    Yay you’re back! I recently got into Filson and found your reviews very very helpful. Looking forward to your future posts!

  2. MG 15

    Glad you’re back as well. Since I’ve found the Filson brand less than a year ago, I’ve bought a 72 hour briefcase in Navy (my go-to briefcase), an original 256 in Black (I’m trying to sell it as I think it’s too small for me) and an Original Sportsman Bag. I also bought a medium duffle but I returned it – I’m really hoping they come out with a bag that is between the size of the Medium and Small Duffle. The medium is HUGE!

    • Charles Page

      Congratulations on your rapidly expanding Filson collection! How do you like your 72-Hour Briefcase? I just received mine a few weeks ago (in Otter Green) and am really loving it so far…like a 256 with just the right amount of extra storage added to the front. I also love the “pre-weathered” look of the tin cloth.

      I agree with you, the Medium Duffle is HUGE, but don’t underestimate the Small Duffle. In the last few months the Small has become one of my favorite travel bags and if packed efficiently, can hold quite a lot of stuff. Filson discontinued the bag that was directly between the two (Medium Travel Bag), but I agree…there is definitely room in the lineup for more Small to Medium sized weekender-type/overnight bags.

      Thanks for visiting the site!

      • Mo

        Any thoughts on why they discontinued the medium travel bag? I just received one in otter green from my awesome wife and love it.

      • Charles Page

        Hi Mo…thanks for your comment! I agree with you, the Medium Travel Bag has always been one of my favorites. It is a bit heavy and when packed full tends to turn into a very wide cube. However, when it is 75% full it is just perfect. My guess is that it may be re-designed and re-released in the future, much like Filson did with the legendary Outfitter 238 bag. Only time will tell…

  3. Luke Todd

    Would love to see what you have on breaking in the leather strap and shoulder pad. Love my 257, but curious how best to break in and care for the bridle leather. Thanks for a great site!

    • Charles Page

      Hi Luke…thanks for visiting the site and thank your for your comment. I typically oil the strap with some Obenauf’s and then put some weight in the bag and hang the shoulder pad over a chair for a week or so to start giving a nice curve to the pad. I have noticed that the newer pads have been rougher on the underside, which is nice and gives it some traction on your shoulder. The older style I like to hit with some medium grit sandpaper to give it better grip and stop it from slipping.

      Another recommendation I have is to try one of the new nylon straps that Filson is including with the Tin Cloth bags and the new Lightweight Nylon collection. They are nice and wide, have leather ends (near the buckles). They look great, are durable, waterproof and spread the weight across your shoulder perfectly. I have been using the one that came with my 72-Hour Briefcase on my 256 and on my Small 220 Duffle and have really been enjoying it. I hope this helps!

  4. Elby

    Glad to see you back! I bought the 72-hour briefcase in camo before they discontinued it and I couldn’t be happier with it. I, for sure, was going to get the Padded Computer Bag but I couldn’t resist the camo bag when it went on sale. So I’ll be looking forward to your review of the 72-hour tin cloth bag. I would also like to echo the request for a Journeyman Backpack review. My wife, and now my siblings, are all Filson fans after they saw my dawning collection. I’m looking forward to getting my sons their first lifetime bags. 🙂

    • Charles Page

      Hi Elby…thanks for your comment. I have definitely added the Journeyman Backpack to the list of upcoming reviews. I am still breaking in my 72-Hour Briefcase and am really loving it so far. I would love to see some pics of the camo pattern on your bag…that is a rare specimen and you are quite lucky to have found one. Stay tuned for the full review!

    • Charles Page

      Good news…my review of the new Filson Lightweight Duffle was just posted and I will be following up next week with my 72-Hour Briefcase impressions…stay tuned!

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