December 2012 Update

Hello everyone! I apologize for not posting as often as usual in the past week. I have been doing some traveling and enjoying time with family during the holiday season. I just wanted to let you know what to expect in the coming weeks.

1. Review: Filson Sportsman’s Bag 266

The Filson Sportsman’s bag 266 is a very unique bag and I have never seen so many zippers (or pockets) in one place. Where does this bag excel? Where does it fall short? Is it the right bag for you? Stay tuned…

2. Filson 257 an Alternate Use?

We all know that the Filson 257 is a great briefcase option for students or for those days when the 256 Original Briefcase just doesn’t cut it. But I have been using it in a different way and I think you may be surprised how versatile this bag truly is.

3. First Look: Filson Small Duffle Bag 220

I will also be posting a First Look mini-review for the Filson Small Duffle Bag 220. This bag seems like it would make the perfect weekender. Find out what I think after putting it through its paces and find out which models may be better for your particular needs.

So that is where we are headed by the end of the year. I will also continue posting more iconic Filson images and offering my advice. Which reminds me, answering your questions (and responding to comments) is one of my favorite parts of FilsonFan, so please keep them coming.

I wish you all a wonderful holiday season and a happy, healthy new year!




  1. mjmancuso

    Great site! Would you be able to do a comparison between the duffle bags? Im looking for a weekender style bag, but cant decide between the small and medium duffle… even if you could email a pic, or even your thoughts on the two sizes it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • Charles H. Page

      Thanks for visiting the site! If you are considering a travel bag, I would strongly recommend the #246 Travel Bag (Medium) over either of the duffle bags. The 246 has four exterior pockets and two full-length interior pockets. The duffle bags do not really offer any organization with the exception of the two interior end pockets, which are quite small. The duffle also tends to lose its shape unless it is packed full, thereby causing it to carry a bit more awkwardly.

      Finally, I find the size of the #246 to be perfect. The small duffle bag (#220) is quite small and would be better suited to a gym bag, as opposed to a hard core carry-on for travel. When you step up to the medium duffle bag (#222) the bag is much, much, much larger…so much so that it exceeds airline carry-on limits unless you grossly under pack it. It would be fine if you are not flying, but then I would prefer the Large Travel Bag. Filson should make a duffle bag size that is in between the Small and the Medium, but that niche is filled perfectly by the Medium Travel Bag. I find the Travel Bags to be so perfect in their design and execution that they would definitely be my recommendation. I hope this helps!

  2. filson

    I just bought my first filson bag thanks to you (256), and now im looking for some kind of travel bag. Can’t wait for the reviews!

    • Charles H. Page

      That is great news! I think you will really enjoy the 256. It is definitely the best briefcase option for most people. What color did you decide on? As far as travel bags go, there is one bag that stands head and shoulders above most others for short trips…the #246 Medium Travel Bag. It has four large exterior pockets and two full-length internal pockets. The bag is carry-on compliant with most airlines and tends to adapt to whatever size load it is packed with. I highly recommend it. Thanks for visiting the site and be sure to check back soon!

      • filson

        I went with the Tan one! Now my choice is down to medium travel bag or the duffel bag. It’s basically a function/look tradeoff for me. The duffel is so beautiful, but the travel bag would be a bit more handy. Also thinking of green vs brown. Are you going to review any brown bags in the future? Would be nice to get some real pictures of the brown version, since i wont be able to check it out locally. Thanks!

      • Charles H. Page

        The Medium Travel Bag is my favorite Filson bag. I own both the OG and the Tan and if I had to choose just one, it would probably be the Otter Green. It is very good at hiding dirt when traveling and cleans up very well. I love the look of the duffle bag also, but I just don’t find it very versatile. It makes a much better gym bag, than a travel companion.

        I do not personally own any Filson pieces in Brown, but I will probably buy one for review purposes in the next month or so. I tend to prefer the contrast between the bridle leather and the canvas that is afforded by the OG and the Tan, but the Brown certainly gives you a more monochromatic look if you are into that kind of thing. It would also hide dirt well.

        Thanks for visiting the site and check back for new posts in 2013. Happy new year!

    • Charles H. Page

      I do not own the Travel Kit, but I have had the opportunity to use one on a recent trip. The build quality is absolutely first rate and it has a nice liner that is easy to clean. There are two internal pockets that are useful for organizing smaller items. My only complaint? I found it a bit too large for the types of trips that I usually to take. I am a light packer and the travel kit is definitely on the large/heavy side. If you need a lot of room, it would be perfect but just be sure that you are aware of the dimensions before ordering.

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