Filson Tote Bag 260

Today’s iconic Filson image comes from Midwestyle. The guys over there have posted a fantastic review of the 260 Tote Bag ($110) that I want to share with my readers.

My wife owns this bag in classic Tan and uses it every single day. From hauling yoga gear, to transporting binders and documents to court, this bag can literally do it all. In addition, at only $110, it is one of the most affordable Filson pieces, so it is a great way to introduce newcomers to the brand.

CC Filson Tote Bag Canvas Bag

Filson Tote Bag 261 from



  1. Victoria

    I’m am looking at purchasing a filson bag to use as a diaper bag and I am considering the tote or the sportsman’s bag in otter green (that way it doesnt look too manly for me to carry, along with still looking tough enough for my husband) I was wondering what your opinion (as far as size and compartments) you think would be the better piece.

    • Charles H. Page

      Hello, Victoria. Thanks for your question. As far as a diaper bag is concerned, the Sportsman’s case #266 is on the large side. It is more the size of a weekender type bag and, while it offers great organization, I think it may look more masculine and be a little cumbersome for you. I think the perfect bag in your situation would be the Filson Zippered Tote #261 (see my review for more details). It is beautiful in Otter Green and offers lots of storage space, but still looks like a daily carry bag. It has four nice exterior pockets and a spacious main compartment. The bag is extremely rugged and the square form factor looks great for both men and women. As a bonus, when the kids get older, the bag makes a perfect carry on and can hold a couple days clothes and toiletries. It is also the bag I use most in my collection. Good luck and thanks for reading.

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