Vintage Filson 257 Part I

I get a lot of questions from readers about waxing Filson bags to protect them or to hasten the process of developing a patina. I have never personally waxed any of the bags in my collection (because I work in an urban environment); however, for those who use their bags in the field or want to give their bags a vintage look, waxing may be a good idea.

Filson 257 Computer Briefcase

A friend of the blog recently sent me some great pictures of his bags that he has applied this process to and they look absolutely amazing. I will be featuring one of his bags per week on the site. First up, is his incredible looking Filson 257 Computer Briefcase. I will allow the pictures and his comments to tell the story. Enjoy and thanks Mark!

This is my pride and joy. I hate to admit it, but I can just sit and stare at this bag. I looked for about 5 years for a bag in this condition and had all but given up hope. It’s been waxed several times and has a perfect patina.

I work in San Francisco and used to get a lot of odd looks with this armored bag, but now that all the high tech hipsters have latched on to the brand, I get jaw dropping stares of envy. I’m so cool. But not their kind of cool, Filson cool.




  1. Felix

    Have you Seen the filson worn in bags? They are available at the london store and really Look Great! I have two if u wanna See pics just give me your Mail Adress 😉

  2. Mark Malatesta

    I haven’t seen them but would like to. Perhaps Charles can post some photos. I’m sure they sell at quite a premium. It’s not that hard to do your own. And you get the satisfaction of doing it yourself and watching them age as you use them and beat them up.

  3. San

    Very cool. Will there be a Part II?

    Would love to know how he waxed the bags to get just enough shine and not have it too tacky. My guess is this would be a different wax from the filson one.

    • Mark Malatesta

      Same Filson wax. The shine comes with time as the nap mats down and “hardens”. I get the feeling dust and dirt adhere to the wax and help the process. Multiple coats over time help, too. Just using the bags and brushing them against stuff seems to wipe off any excess wax and create the hardened finish, too. That’s what I noticed with my rucksack.

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